IrnMind Mettle Monday | Season of Stillness | December 16/2019

(IrnMind Metal Monday)

/// Tawnshi fair Townspeople, Ladies & Djentlemen, to IrnMind Metal Monday🤘🏿 The most #Brutiful way to Engage /w the start of your week!

(I) Brutiful Quality Quotation:

“Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment & I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations”

-George Bernard Shaw

This quote resonates /w me as I look to be a lighthouse to others lives. Each person I can inspire or aid out of the fog of oppression is an “relation-ship” sparked. Though I know my torch may not shine forever, I know that my light & impact may carry on in the hearts of those to come for generations.

(II) Music to Immerse in Listening:

“Says” by Nils Frahm

As a genre spanning contemporary, classical, electronic & ambient composition, Nils is a true “Progressive Modern Renaissance Man”.

I first stumbled upon this track while letting YouTube music randomly roll during one of my architectural drafting sessions. It immediately struck me /w it’s simple purity & transfixed my mind through its elegant repetition ~ culminating in a subtle tsunami of sound. I invite you to lay down, surrender & (Immerse)🎼🌊

(III) Modern Renaissance Reading:

“Egoless Means More” by Ken Wilber

As wisdom is my first principle core value, this was an enlightening expansion of sagacious contemplation. Definitely material to be delved into /w more repetition & depth of reflection, this is one of the few essays I will print & log in my canvas binder.

(IV) Brutiful Learning Opportunity as of Late:


(V) Brutiful (Qu)? to (Ponder/Journal) Upon:

*(Why do I Gain Wealth?)

As we move towards the holidays, I am filled /w the desire to give /w generosity. However, I am learning that “presence” is more important than “presents” in terms of Christmas spirit.

I would love to financially have no limit as to what gifts I am able to bestow on others. However, the reality at this point in my life is such that it is far wiser to prioritize funds elsewhere, & buy humble, yet meaningful gifts. I am then focusing on quality time /w those I love & value.

This to me is part of the trifecta of genuine wealth, (time, money & rich relationships of depth). Far & above material possessions, being surrounded /w people whom I deeply care for is what I cherish, the capability to give gifts of grandeur will come in due time.


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To all those in the thread of the global IrnMind village who invest their time to watch & read each week, thank you /w a depth of gratitude drawn from the well of my heart. Your collaboration to further my purpose to 💡 “Inspire & Serve” & the (Ikigai) of IrnMind ~ Forge a Modern Renaissance Mind ~ is of absolute imperative. Together, we can work to forge a mind that is creative, resilient & therefore adaptable through adversity.

/// Bless Up & Ardua per Bellus 🙏🏾🤘🏿

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