IrnMind Mettle Monday | Season of Sowing | February 17/2020

(IrnMind Mettle Monday)(Season of Sowing ~ February 17/2020)

Tawnshi fair Townspeople, Ladies & Djentlemen, to IrnMind Mettle Monday🤘🏿 The most #Brutiful way to Engage /w the start of your week!

(I) *Brutiful Quality Quotation:

“Boredom comes from a boring mind” -The Struggle /W-in by (Metallica)

There is something to be said for having a mind at peace, one where the tides of consciousness ebb & flow, lapping at the shores of perception like a gentle lake.

However, to say that one is bored, is to admit to a vast lack of wonder, or an ineptitude of inquiry. It is to be disconnected from fascination, which is one half of the dualistic core encompassing enlightenment.

For starters, think about all the technology & knowledge needed to create the devices & platform you are viewing this on!

Do not settle for mediocrity of the mind, indulge your curiosity, feast /w ferocity on ideas & experiences that will move you forward in an ever-expanding endeavor to broaden your paradigm of thought. Forge your mind for the “Modern Renaissance” ~ through the fires of fascination, & repeated blows on the anvil of awe.

(II) Modern Renaissance Instagram:

An absolutely beautiful burnt offering from “Carmine Street Guitars” 200-year-old pine charred for character

The embodiment of “Mastery of Craft”.

(III) Artisan Spotlight:

(Darren May)

Drum Playthrough “Void”

I met Darren at a Brett Duncan of “Divinity” drum clinic a few years ago. It was one of those moments when we were the only two people sitting in the front row ~ a pairing of an enigma wrapped in mystery, charm & charisma surrounded by a room of otherwise socially inept individuals. It turned out to be a delightful connection & we promptly hit it off, carrying on a close friendship full of witty banter & post-workout shoulder massages to this day.

Darren is an incredible human being & embodies an IrnMind of Mettle as he engages /w all adversity. He has a passion for personal growth, fitness, & of course music!🎼 Darren harnesses that deep passion to drive intensity & relentless progression into his playing, the work made manifest of which can be shown in his band “Illyrian’s” most recent offering “The Entity Unknown”.

What I love most about Darrens playing, is seeing his progression over time, a key pillar of the “Modern Renaissance” & the sheer immensity of joy & pride he takes in challenging his mastery of craft. In the playthrough below, his expanding vocabulary to navigate notes on the kit is showcased, along /w his precision groove, rhythm & tantalizing cymbal work. To top it all off, he is the quintessential tattooed brutiful British djentleman.

Check out Illyrian & their new release “The Entity Unknown”

(IV) Brutiful Learning Opportunity as of Late:

Vlog #10 (The Struggle /W-in)

(V) Modern Renaissance Reading:

Are you Feeding the Holy? by (The Flow Genome Project)

A highly inspiring & impactful read, I would suggest taking some time to digest & reflect on its contents.

Here are some ways I am “Feeding the Holy” in the wake of recent events

  • A cathartic retreat to visit my brother Beautiful Otter in Nelson Bc. Spending time together cooking, laughing, skiing, goal setting & healing.
  • Taking time to connect /w nature, sweating in the sauna & asking my ancestors & creator to help guide my spirit
  • Listening to my IrnMind playlist on Spotify to release all the emotion built up inside, & to bolster my resolve

How will you “Feed the Holy”? I would love to know.


/// If you know another human being who would delight in any of the content contained, please share this message /w diligence. If you have been bestowed this message, & would revel in an weekly Infusement of Modern Renaissance Inspiration /w a Dose of Métis Polymath Paradigm Expansion ~ Please follow this (Inter-Dimensional Portal)

What took you down the rabbit hole? Content recommendations, Insightful Improvements, Questions? Let us connect! I would love to engage through Instagram @IrnMind ~ Tag me & use the #IrnMindMettleMonday

To all those in the thread of the global IrnMind who invest their time to watch & read each week, thank you, /w a depth of gratitude drawn from the well of my heart. Your collaboration to further my purpose to 💡 “Inspire & Serve” & the (Ikigai) of IrnMind ~ Forge a Modern Renaissance Mind ~ is of absolute imperative. Together, we can work to forge a mind that is creative, resilient & therefore adaptable through adversity.

/// Marsee & Ardua per Bellus 🙏🏾🤘🏿

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