IrnMind Mettle Monday | Season of Sowing | February 10/2020

(IrnMind Mettle Monday)(Season of Sowing ~ February 10/2020)

Tawnshi Fair Townspeople, Ladies & Djentlemen, to IrnMind Mettle Monday🤘🏿 The most #Brutiful way to Engage /w the start of your week!

(I) *Brutiful Quality Quotation:

“Our actions may be impeded, but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accommodate & adapt. The mind adapts & converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting. The impediment to action advances action, what stands in the way becomes the way”-Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)

The most profound shift I made in my paradigm of thought through the last season emerged from the realization ~ all that I perceive as an external barrier, is merely a projection of my own internal strongholds. This quote then took on whole new meaning & began to resonate on a foundational level for my life.

Whenever I now come upon a difficult situation /w a person, a behavior or negative energy in general. My first action is to look inward at how I can chip away at whatever non-serving story is playing itself out. This is something that has taken a great deal of work, & over 7 years of dedicated intentional introspection to cultivate. I feel however as though I am only at the beginning of my journey, & that is an exciting proposition to ponder.

As we all look to move through our own internal struggles, know that there are solutions & supportive people who are looking to be a light in your life. Know that if you dare to look /w-in ~ you will find that which is holding your spirit below the water.

(II) Drum Playthrough that Evoked Awe Through Mastery:

Sebastian Lanser “Diluvium” by (Obscura)

Firstly we have to acknowledge that when you see a drummer wearing compression socks 🧦, you know the pace of double bass will be blisteringly brutal. /W a classical jazz training background, Sebastian has by far the most elegant stroke combination of speed & technicality that I have seen in a drummer. His finger finesse & poise navigating the kit are akin to that of the legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

When this playthrough made its debut, it immediately went into the next available content slot for Mettle Monday. What I love most is the brutiful tone & relentless resonance of attack from his Tama kit through the song, interspersed /w delicate splash cymbal work for nuance & color.

It is a true delight to watch genius in its element. I was blessed to meet Sebastian on tour & had a conversation around rudiments & creativity. He was incredibly humble & kind enough to answer all my questions as best he could. I invite you to watch in awe, this master of craft. 🎼🌊

(III) Metal Photo of Beauty:

This volcanic rocks form looks like souls descending to the underworld for stewardship by the Greek God Hades. Nature has a way of sculpting impeccable & intricate works of art. Such brutal, much beauty🤘🏿

(IV) Brutiful Learning Opportunity as of Late:

Vlog #9 (An Attractive Human Being is a Whole Human Being)

(V) Profound Wisdom to (Ponder/Journal) Upon:

*Unconventional wisdom often leads to truth & therefore more often leads to an advantage of virtue


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To all those in the thread of the global IrnMind who invest their time to watch & read each week, thank you, /w a depth of gratitude drawn from the well of my heart. Your collaboration to further my purpose to 💡 “Inspire & Serve” & the (Ikigai) of IrnMind ~ Forge a Modern Renaissance Mind ~ is of absolute imperative. Together, we can work to forge a mind that is creative, resilient & therefore adaptable through adversity.

/// Marsee & Ardua per Bellus 🙏🏾🤘🏿

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