IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | July 5/2021

4 min readAug 24, 2021

(IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season| July 5/2021)

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(I) *Modern Renaissance ~ Resonant Quotation:

“Savor every day

from the mundane

to the mountain peaks”

~Cultivate (Creativity Unlocked)

*I have derived great satisfaction from slowing down & working towards deep embodiment in the simple moments of life. I think why this quote resonates is that it is a gentle beckon to take pleasure in the process of working towards our vision & therefore mountain peaks.

If we do not do this, then we will most surely reach our destinations only to find a deep sense of dissatisfaction that is ultimately anti-climatic.

I shall leave you /w a (Qu)? then ~ *What could you savor today?

(II) IrnMind~Forge:

The Algebra of Happiness

A straight talk from the ingenious Professor Scott Galloway on some of the most important factors that will influence our happiness as we forge our lives.

  • Sweat More ~ Exercise on a daily basis to increase vitality, discipline & stave off entropy.
  • The Myth of Balance ~ Noone who desires to be world class at what they do has balance. Rather learn to intensely focus & prioritize.
  • Partnerships ~ The relationships you build & whom you choose to partner /w for your life’s journey will be the largest determining factor of long term happiness. The best romantic relationships align on sexual compatibility, values & financial prosperity.
  • Credentials ~ This does not necessarily mean a formal degree, however, your 20’s should be invested in exploring & gaining mastery or (*Metis)in a craft that will forge a foundation for your future.
  • Compound Interest ~ Start Investing your money & do it as early as possible. This will make a substantial difference in your wealth over the coming decades & cultivate congruence through the lesson of delayed gratification.
  • Find a sense of healthy masculinity, femininity, or whatever your genuine makeup is as a human being ~ This will help you to forge a strong identity /w which to build your core values from.
  • Cut out excessive alcohol use ~ There are literally no health benefits to alcohol abuse or life benefits to substance abuse in general.
  • Value memorable experiences over accumulation of material things ~ You cant take it /w you when you die, so invest in material things that bring you joy on a regular basis, gifts to others & above all experiences that spark joy.
  • Success = Resilience over Failure ~ *Do things that are uncomfortable & scare you

(III) Music to Immerse in Listening:

Foo Fighters | Everlong (Acoustic) | & The Story Of

Let legendary frontman Dave Grohl take you on an acoustical interlude through one of the most iconic rock anthems of the last century.

Dave as a musician is pure Modern Renaissance Royalty. His dedication to his craft & elegance of lyrical musings has solidified his legacy in the echelons of chord progression.

As you watch you are entranced by the resonance of his guitar & voice, whilst also stunned by the strumming of his hands paired /w deep visuals of the royal purple.

I wholeheartedly & /w great enthusiasm extend an invitation to invest time in yourself today & ~ Immerse🌊🎼

(IV) Count Your Blessings:

Vlog (Royalty Season Commencement 2021)

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