IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | July 26/2021

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(IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | July 26/2021)

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(I) *Modern Renaissance ~ Resonant Quotation:

“Everything in heaven & earth breaths. Breath is the thread that ties creation together”

~Morihei Ueshiba (Founder of Aikido)

*I have been working to install the response during times of duress & likewise elation, that breath is an anchor to be present & masterful in the moment. to breath “Through” the difficulties, knowing that the storm shall pass if I am willing to embrace it & to breath into the moments of pure bliss & sensation such as a kiss on my lips, or the scent of fresh pine pollen before being steeped into my evening tea.

Breath is the umbilical cord of life, the tie that binds, it brings us closer & can profoundly alter our consciousness when utilized /w intention.

(Qu)? *As a start, how could you be more mindful of your breathing today? Take a moment for yourself, & notice the next 5 breaths you take right now before moving on to read. Notice what it brings up /w an enriched curiosity.

(II) Profound Passage to (Ponder/Journal) Upon:

Taken from: Recapture the Rapture ~ Rethinking God, Sex & Death in a World That’s Lost Its Mind by (Jamie Wheal)

[Life is irreducibly tragic, we know that much. that’s where healing becomes so essential it gives us a chance to patch our bones & mend as we go onward. But occasionally, it’s undeniably magic, that’s easier to forget. That’s what inspiration does: it reminds us that there’s beauty & perfection around us, if only we remember where to look. When we find ourselves whipsawed between those two poles, we have to laugh together at the Full Catastrophe (Living) that is our mortal lives. Then it’s Comic too. That’s what connection dos, it gives us a chance to share the burden & absurdity of life /w others]

As an addendum to enrich this passage, watch this short video (Why the World is Going Crazy & How to Win Back Our Minds)

(III) Music to Immerse in Listening:

Royalty into Exile | by (All Shall Perish)

One of the most profound insights I took away from my reading of “Recapture the Rapture” is that we as human beings require forms of spirituality that embody deep meaning. Therefore we need scriptures that are living, breathing & are not isolating or dogmatic towards any human beings.

I was struck then /w the realization that what touches me deeply, what is, in essence, my church or scripture /w which I have derived a great deal of my life’s meaning has been bestowed in the form of song lyrics.

Therefore, part of the scriptures for the Modern Renaissance or Meaning 3.0 as coined in the book will stem from the far reaching & fluidly interpreted lyrical sonnets of songs.

Here is a line from “Royalty into Exile

“We had the chance & we blew it

We took it all for granted & now it slips away

They lied as we cried & did nothing for it

Soon the shackles won’t be idealistic”

*My interpretation of this pertains to social media as well as the underlying assumption of humanity that things will continue to be as they are, giving us a false sense of security & robbing us of developing a sense of agency in our own lives. We are far too reliant on the governing media structures which has led to a widespread lack of critical thought & discernment.

To forge a Modern Renaissance Mind, to cultivate an infinite & antifragile frame is to acknowledge these structures, understand them to the best of one’s ability & do our best to leverage them as tools for noble purpose.

Now on to the music, I will highlight the sensational section I show anyone who wants to know why I love & appreciate death metal, as most of it is built on a compositional foundation classical music.

(1:30) the starting of a section reminiscent of Bach’s (Toccata & Fugue in D Minor) blows me away each & every time I listen to it. It instantly creates a spark of ecstasis & passion that has a profound shift in my state.

I invite you to take some time to slow down, breath deeply & ~ Immerse 🌊🎼

(IV) Count Your Blessings:

Vlog (Royalty Studio Christening)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Together, we can work to forge a mind that is “Creative, Resilient & Therefore Adaptable”

/// Bless Up & Ardua per Bellus 🙏🏻🤘🏿




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