IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | July 12/2021

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(IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | July 12/2021)

/// Tawnshi fair townspeople to IrnMind Mettle Monday 🤘🏿 ~ The most brutal & beautiful way to engage /w the beginning of your week!

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(I) *Modern Renaissance ~ Resonant Quotation:

“You exist in time, but you belong to eternity.

You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time.

You are deathless, living in a body of death.

Your consciousness knows no death, no birth.

It is only your body that is born & dies”


*I feel this quote resonates as it echoes the highest ideal & reason for being of my Metis people “Infinite freedom from arbitrary limitations & boundaries”

We as human beings have spirits of infinite depth & power that breaks through perceived barriers.

& from this essence of spirit ~ we are royalty. We transcend bonds of oppression & limiting beliefs that would keep us from the full expression of our purpose & genius.

(II) Potent (Qu)? to (Ponder/Journal) Upon:

(Qu)? *Where have I become the instrument of my own oppression?

I like this question as I firmly believe that the largest limiting factor in our lives is none other than ourselves. If we can first look to how we are holding ourselves back or erecting our own barriers to succeed in life, we are then empowered to undergo the work of transcendence to tear down these strongholds.

My perfectionism tendencies & lack of self mastery adds friction towards completing the most important tasks that would progress my craft forward.

Put simply, I need to produce more work & be more disciplined.

These shortcomings, among enumerate others, are definitely the major strongholds of oppression that are limiting my potential as a creative. How might I then work through these? Two maxims come to mind, “Progress is better than perfect” & “discipline equals freedom”. It is then only a matter of integrating these into my identity & workflow.

(III) Music to Immerse in Listening:

Sons of Winter & Stars | by (Wintersun)

Take the reigns as you embark upon a gallant gallop through the stars on a quest for eternal glory & wisdom.

The symphonic orchestration through the extent of this ballad is absolutely stunning. Closing your eyes imbues one /w a sense of starscapes being painted through the expanse of your imagination. Through soaring vocals & guitar riffs that have moved me to tears, this is a musical masterpiece to behold.

I extend to you an invitation to expand your musical horizons & ~ Immerse 🌊🎼

(IV) Such Brutal, Much Beauty 🙏🏻🤘🏿:

Vlog (Caged, Comfortable & Charged Creativity)

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Together, we can work to forge a mind that is “Creative, Resilient & Therefore Adaptable Through Adversity”.

/// Bless Up & Ardua per Bellus 🙏🏻🤘🏿




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