IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | August 9/2021

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(IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season| August 9/2021)

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(I) *Salient Seasonal Quotation:

“There is no wealth like knowledge & no poverty like ignorance”

~Ali Bin Abi Thalib

*A wealth of knowledge when converted into wisdom allows expansion of one’s paradigm of thinking, foundationally it allows expansion of calmpassion & therefore understanding. A wealth of knowledge also encompasses a generosity of spirit to learn & share /w & from others, it emboldens us to embrace humility & curiosity as our guiding lights. To gain a wealth of knowledge takes courage, for we are leaning into the edges of the unknown in a search for a more comprehensive truth that may unsettle our current sense of self. This wealth is ultimately freedom from limitations.

Whilst ignorance on the other hand is contraction & ultimately a choice to cling to one fragile sense of self.

Knowing that those who choose ignorance rather than expansion are also usually the most afraid has helped me to engage /w them in a more masterful & understanding way. It has also allowed me to be more gentle & inquisitive when I encounter or am challenged to face my own ignorance & shortcomings.

(II) IrnMind~Forge:

How to Overcome Adversity | AfterSkool

(III) (Qu)? to Ponder & Journal Upon:

(Qu)? *Is it on paper?

Whether we are setting goals, planning out our days, or taking time for self reflection ~ *It should be on paper.

There is a sort of magic that happens when our hands flow across the page, /w each flick of the wrist as though our pens were wands casting words as spells. Neurons are firing allowing ideas & patterns of thought to be solidified. Moreover, modern science has shown a direct correlation & increase in the consolidation of things that are written down in our minds.

Whatever it is that’s most important to work towards in your life right now, put it on paper.

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