IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | August 16/2021

3 min readAug 24, 2021


(IrnMind Mettle Monday | Royalty Season | August 16/2021)

/// Tawnshi fair townspeople to IrnMind Mettle Monday 🤘🏿 ~ The most brutal & beautiful way to engage /w the beginning of your week!

If you know another who would delight in any of the content contained, please share this message /w diligence 🙏🏻 If you have been bestowed this message & would be elated /w a weekly curated Infusement of Modern Renaissance Inspiration! Please follow this (Inter-Dimensional Portal) to subscribe ~ & peruse past editions on Medium

(I) *Salient Seasonal Quotation:

“For what are mountains

If not the peaks of crowns”

~Modern Renaissance Proverb

*What this quotation represents to me is perspective. To pull oneself out of the minutia of ailments that seem all consuming in favor of a perspective that is all encompassing of the blessings in our lives.

To be transparent, these last few weeks have been an immense test of my character & human nature. As you most likely have noticed, I had fallen 3 weeks behind on these messages. This has been due to feelings of anxiety over my own shortcomings such as a lack of discipline, as well as dealing /w some very difficult situations & people in my personal life.

I have been filled /w trepidation & doubt as to my own creative path, “Are these emails still worth doing?” & “How am I going to integrate creating YouTube content into my schedule whilst working & giving my best to my studies at art school?” to name a few.

I think many creators hit this wall & it is the true test as to whether their passion & purpose will carry them through, or if they submit.

& so /w a grander perspective, to peak above the clouds of obfuscation for a more magnificent sense of clarity ~ I want to ask for your help.

(Qu)? *What value are you getting from these messages each week? What would you like more or less of? Would you like a more personal & informal style of writing, almost like a digital journal of sorts? Do I have too little or too much content or copy? Is there any way you think I could grow this email list to impact more people? Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Ultimately I am here to serve you through my personal purpose to “Heal, Connect & Progress Humankind” ~ So please let me know how I could better accomplish this.

/// Bless Up & Ardua per Bellus 🙏🏻🤘🏿

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